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How To Create Hover Text Over Your Facebook Cover Photo


Have you ever visited a Facebook page and notice the text that pops up when you hover over the pages cover photo? This is a great area to utilize for a current special, a basic mission statement, a short company description, or all of the above! While adding a description is not necessary, having it […]

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Enable GZIP for a faster website

steps to a faster website

I was reviewing a client’s website tonight, and I wanted to take a peek at how it was performing speed-wise. Now this site was developed on my own server, and then I migrated the WordPress site to my clients hosting package. So I had the site running in Tip-Top shape and it was very quickly […]

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Using Sitemaps to Gain Insight on Competition

Using Sitemaps to Gain Insight on Competition Have you searched google for certain keywords and seem to find a competitor popping up all over the place? Maybe you notice that they show up for many different keywords. You notice they also have many different pages on their site supporting these various keywords. At this point […]

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How To Tell If A Website Is WordPress Or Not


Sometimes people are unsure whether or not their website is a custom built website or if it is a common used CMS, which stands for Content Management System. One of the most common CMS systems out there is wordpress. Sometimes you may be researching a competitors website, and want to see if you can accomplish […]

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Stop AVG Pop-Ups

stop avg pop-ups

I’ve used AVG Anti-Virus for over 8 years and in the last year or so they have started using their free platform as an advertisement medium. While I understand that I chose the free version, I have to really disagree with their opionion that this means they can annoy their free users┬ádaily with marketing campaign […]

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