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Choosing a Website Builder

Long Island Website Builder

When looking for a website builder or web designer you have a lot of different variables to think of. What type of website do you need? The first question you should ask yourself is what type of website do I want? Do I want my website designer to make me an e-commerce site? A site […]

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Google or DIe

Google Blog

I love Google. I really do! Despite what you are about to read, know that I have been a google-ite for well over 15 years! If only I’d bought some stock, I’d be quite well-off nowadays. This being said, Google is an absolute digital pioneer and though I’ve seen plenty of experiments that failed, they […]

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“I don’t need web advertising, when I search for my company, I come right up!”

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When talking about setting up web pay-per-click advertising campaigns, this is the most common response I get when I am working with a new client. Most of my work comes from referrals, but when I am approached by a new client or I approach a company which I feel can use my services, the most […]

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The Who, What, When, Where and Why…

HTML Email Marketing

One thing I love about digital marketing is the track-ability. You can get as in depth with your analysis as time and resources will allow you. Sometimes I will create certain little campaigns and tests just to watch the power of the tools that are at all of our disposal at all times for very […]

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Network Solutions Hacked!

Network Solutions Hacked

Network Solutions Hacked again! All Things Digital has been a proponent for using Network Solutions for years. It seems they are beginning to experience what microsoft and other tech companies experience when you become a big fish in the pond you’re in. When you have a lot of industry clout, this creates a large opportunity […]

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