Have you ever visited a Facebook page and notice the text that pops up when you hover over the pages cover photo? This is a great area to utilize for a current special, a basic mission statement, a short company description, or all of the above! While adding a description is not necessary, having it is very useful! And serving up additional content / promotions / propositions any which way you can is a good thing in my opinion! By default, when people hover over the cover photo that has no description, the words “cover photo” display. Not ideal, not helpful…. Want to change your hover text? Well then, enough talk, let’s get to the steps!

The steps are actually ridiculously simple!

1. Add a cover photo to your Facebook Page (if you haven’t already).

2. Click the cover photo and add the hover text you’d like to appear in the description section.

3. Be amazed at the simplicity of this great little feature you’ve probably not noticed 🙂

Now, when you go back to your Facebook page and hover over your cover photo, you see relevant information about your business or brand. And so do your pages visitors!