What It Is

So I finally got the Facebook Page Video cover option in my account, and I am super psyched about it! There are so many great uses for this feature, I can’t say enough about how excited I am! If you own a business, you most likely have a Facebook page for your business (if not, hop on it!).  This page is your businesses home on Facebook, and will most likely be one of your most trafficked social media presences for sure! You were only able to put a photo on the top of your page until recently, so now you can add a video which is really cool!

What Can You Use It For

I am sure there are many uses for this brand new option for this prime real estate on your Facebook page. Some ideas I have are to use Facebook Page Cover Videos to:

  • Give your page more personality
  • Improve your branding
  • Highlight your services
  • Build trust with videos of you or your team
  • Use the video to provide special offers
  • Feature a case study or client
  • Promote your other social media platforms

This is 7 things I quickly thought of while typing this up, I am sure creative minds will come up with dozens more uses for their Facebook Video Cover.

How To Set A “Facebook Page Video Cover” Up

Here are the basic requirements for the video

  • Facebook recommends a video of 820px x 312px
  • Videos can range in length from 20-90 seconds (looping is possible!)

Create a video that follows the above guidelines. You can probably get by doing something on a smartphone if need be, but I recommend using software on a computer and creating a Facebook Cover Video template for your business. This will help you to quickly make new videos that keep the same branding /theme /colors for consistency.

Once you have your video complete:

  • On a desktop computer, navigate to your facebook page
  • Click “change cover” button on top left of page (see fig 1 below)
  • Choose “upload video”
  • Navigate and select your final rendered video
  • Wait for upload
  • Reposition video (some cropping may occur)
  • Click next
  • Choose a thumbnail for your video with the left or right arrows
  • Click publish
  • Be thrilled with the new sexiness of your Facebook page!


It may not be a bad idea to create standard videos for all your major holidays, your typical offers and your typical products or services. This will allow you to keep the video rotation fresh and will give people a reason to come back to your page!

Let me know what you guys think about this update and any ideas I may not have mentioned above!

Happy Editing!