Are you looking for a Long Island Computer Tutor? Computers can be intimidating. Often time while discussing website or graphic design with clients, we sometimes hear a familiar question. “How did you learn so much about computers.” While some people feel computer skills are

Long Island Computer Tutor

Long Island Computer Tutor

inherent, others know that it is a learned skill. Just like any other trade, it takes trial and error. Practice and motivation to get comfortable with this tool of the 21st century. Computers will not be going away anytime soon. In fact, they will become more engrained in our society as each day passes.

This is why we often get asked for general computer training. While this is not a typical service of ours, our clients have been happy with the Long Island Computer Tutor training we are able to give them. So we have begun offering our services as a Long Island Computer Tutor. We offer 1 on 1 training at your home or business. We can help you get familiar with the computer from the basics, to more advanced training.

Need help setting up your email accounts on your computer? Maybe you would like some help navigating Facebook, twitter or another website. Looking to sell on eBay and don’t know where to start? Maybe you would just like someone to help you update your computer. We offer all these services in your home or business, with a 1 on 1 approach that makes you feel comfortable. There are no silly questions, and we do our best to ensure that you will feel more confident in your computer skills than before our training session.

Give us a call today! We can help you or someone you know get more comfortable on the computer within one hour! We show you how to do what you need to do, on your computer. In your office or in your home. This makes all the difference! For a Long Island Computer Tutor with a differnet approach, contact us today!