Remote Desktop Support

Remote Desktop Support is the process of helping someone with computer problems form a location other than in their home or office. All Things Digital now offers remote assistance to help alleviate these problems. Our remote desktop support technicians can help with many of the following typical computer problems.

  • Hardware – Installing Printers, Graphics Cards, Monitors
  • Software – Uninstalling software, or reinstalling software. Setting up email clients


    Long Island Desktop Support

  • Networking – Looking to create a network in your home or business? Wireless router not working properly?
  • Virus Detection / Removal – identify, remove and evaluate anti-virus software or settings
  • Windows Upgrades – Looking to move to a newer operating system but don’t know where to start?
  • General Computer Usage – Just looking for computer basics for yourself or a family member?

These are just some of the possible situations that having a remote support technician can alleviate. Once you’ve contacted All Things Digital, we will email you to set a time to meet remotely. We are in our office, you are in yours. Or you can be in your home. Wherever the computer is that needs some assistance!

We also offer on-site support for all the above services. Interested in receiving affordable support? Contact us today!