All Things Digital utilizes responsive web design as often as possible. The electronics market has created such a wide range of viewing experiences.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design makes your site look great on any device!

Standard HTML websites have become a thing of the past as people view websites on their phones, tablets and even smart watches!

These various screen sizes create the necessity for a website to adjust according to the end users screen dimensions. The website literally changes, becomes responsive to what size screen it is being viewed on.

If a potential client or customer views your site and it requires them to scroll around, zoom in and out, then you do not have a responsive web design. This could create not only a feeling of frustration to your websites visitor, but can also instill a sense of your company having a dated website and looking unprofessional. Obviously, this is not the best impression to give. Especially if it is their first impression. They will most likely go back in their browser and click on the next website until they find a site that utilizes responsive web design to create a streamlined and professional experience.