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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

One of the most valuable assets of any business is its reputation. It is one crucial factor that can positively or negatively affect your business. After all, 3 out of every 4 consumers trust a company after seeing positive reviews online, and 60% of consumers don’t risk using a business after seeing negative reviews.

Nearly 90% of consumers first read online reviews before purchasing a product or service and online reviews matter so much that 72% of consumers always read reviews before taking action. What all these stats indicate is that your online reputation can make or break your business. With a positive online reputation, you can expect more customers and a negative online reputation could hurt your business.

Whether it is Google, Yelp, or social media, negative online reviews can make your business lose up to 86% of prospects. If you don’t want that to happen, online reputation management can help you fix online reputation and build an online brand.

What Is Online Reputation Management and How Does It Work?

Online reputation is how everyone sees a brand and online reputation management (ORM) is about improving what everyone sees about a brand online. It includes reducing or eliminating negative content’s visibility, promoting positive content, among other strategies.

The purpose of online reputation management is to ensure that a brand is fairly represented. It helps in rebuilding or growing a brand by counteracting misleading information and creating a balance. It works by identifying negative/misleading online content and removing content that can be removed or reducing its visibility by publishing more positive information about a brand.

Online Reputation Management Services for SMBs

All Things Digital has been providing comprehensive online reputation management services to SMBs for years now. Our leading reputation management consultants work on fixing and building your online reputation while you get to focus on your core business.

The reason behind the immense success of our online reputation management services is the holistic approach that comprises optimizing the content on your web pages to gain more online visibility and using social media marketing techniques to promote your brand online in a more favorable light.

Over the years, we have successfully repaired hundreds of businesses’ online reputation through brand building, brand rebranding, brand protection, and review management. If you want to earn back the reputation of your brand, our team of professionals can help you regain it by offering the following services:

Repairing Existing Reputation

Our in-house reputation management experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of your online reputation to find out your business’s positive and negative aspects through reviews on various platforms. We devise a strategy to repair and mitigate damage by promoting positive content on multiple platforms.

Online Reputation Monitoring

All Things Digital has a proactive approach to monitor and manage your online reputation. We design a dedicated online reputation management program to continually monitor your online reviews and alert you about new reviews (both positive and negative) as it prepares you to take the necessary steps to mitigate any threat to your online reputation.

Developing Paid Reputation

All Things Digital has a straightforward way of operating when it comes to using our resources and external help. We do use advanced reputation management tools to help you develop a positive online reputation. We help you garner more positive feedback from your customers by building and implementing a custom strategy. As we have faith in our capability to deliver results, we never use fake reviews.

Review Acquisition and Management

All Things Digital believes in staying true to our clients and everyone else. That’s why we are strongly against fake reviews. Our Review Acquisition and Management service is all about helping businesses acquire and manage online reviews. We do it by encouraging your customers to write reviews. As many customers don’t leave a review on sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Google, we urge them to provide their valuable feedback to get a reward or discount.

All Things Digital Can Save Your Reputation

The key to any successful business is a good reputation and brand visibility. Sometimes, the internet can be a harsh place for valued companies. It doesn’t mean that you should pack your bags just because of negative reviews from your customers or even your competitors who want to ruin your business reputation.

We’re here to help you stay in business and thrive despite some setbacks due to your negative online reputation. Our online reputation consultants can help create bespoke reputation management campaigns by using technical and creative techniques. We’re confident in our services as we have benefited small businesses in the past by developing innovative strategies and achieving great results.

From your competitor’s envy to facing false complaints online, we’re more than prepared to handle and protect your brand’s online reputation. We erase negativity around your brand and help you deal with a discerning customer or competitor in a better way. Our experts will evaluate your online presence and devise an online management strategy that will focus on managing and responding to both positive and negative reviews.

How Can All Things Digital Help You?

Our online reputation management experts at All Things Digital have vast experience across all forms of ORM. As bad reviews can taint your business’s reputation, we are here to help repair your damaged reputation.
We’re known for offering comprehensive online reputation management services because of our seamless approach that comprises the following 3 crucial strategies:

We Enhance Your SEO Strategy
As an online presence for any business has become extremely important in today’s digital world, most users simply take the help of the internet to find a company. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) plays an essential role in establishing and growing an online presence. We utilize SEO strategies to improve your ranking and create better brand awareness, which benefits your online reputation.

You must be wondering how SEO helps in online reputation management. Well, over 75% of users never go past the first page of search results. There is a high possibility that you even searched for “best online reputation management company near me” and didn’t go past the first search results page. SEO helps your website to earn a spot on the first page.

We can recommend pay-per-click ads (PPC) as well because it is another way to appear in front of your target audience. It is because PPC and SEO go hand in hand in digital marketing and deliver great results. Here, our focus will be on an SEO strategy for your business because it can have a long-term positive impact and you won’t have to pay to earn and keep a spot on the first page of search results.

SEO is vital for online reputation management because Google does prioritize reviews when it comes to local search results. Therefore, it is imperative for your website to earn the top spot as it will increase the conversion rate, leading to more sales, revenue, and positive reviews.

We Focus on Your USPs
The unique selling points (USPs) of your business can be used in online reputation management as they can help your business earn more authentic feedback and reviews from your customers. We can use Net Promoter by conducting a poll to see how likely your customers recommend your services/products to their friend or colleague. If you get an unsatisfactory response, you will know in which areas you need to improve and if the feedback from customers is satisfactory, you can use it as a unique selling point.

If you already have an email subscriber list, it could prove helpful. We take the list and contact your customers on your behalf on their preferred communication channel. We follow it up with a personalized email survey to find out their positive and negative experiences. We give discount offers such as “Fill out our survey form and get 10% off for maximum involvement of your customers.” We offer discounts after your approval. We also invite customers to submit their reviews to your business page on social media.

We Increase Your Social Following
Did you know that only 26% of companies in the world focus on harnessing the power of social media despite the fact that 74% of users use social media platforms for advice that can help them make a better purchasing decision? That’s why our online reputation management services focus on ensuring that our clients don’t miss out on the benefits of social media.
Our services help you and your team save time because we take everything from handling social media queries, connecting with your existing customers, sharing the latest updates and blog posts as well as engaging with your current customers and prospects.

We Send Constant Feedback And Reporting
Instead of keeping you in the dark, we send monthly reports to inform you about the progress we’ve made. You can also verify the content that we deleted or outranked. If you ever require an urgent report, our team is always prepared to send it to you.

Keep in mind that some content on the internet can be misleading, defamatory or simply untruthful. There are chances an unsatisfied customer may leave a misleading review or even accuse your company of running a scam. In that case, our team of experts has a vast knowledge of avenues where you can have misleading information removed.

Our Online Reputation Strategies

Our roadmap to deliver ORM services has a proven track record. However, we do change our strategies depending on the requirements of our client. In general, our online reputation management strategies include:

• Complete Survey and Analysis of Both Positive and Negative comments
• Creating an SEO Campaign and Implementing It
Increasing Social Media Exposure
• Customized Content Creation
Creating a Business Profile and Optimizing Local Listings
• Citation Creation & Review
• Using Online Reputation Management Tools

If you have a negative online reputation that is affecting your business, our ORM consultants can create an ORM plan to identify the problem and eradicate it from the search engines.

Always Remember The Basics of Online Reputation Management

We’re always here to help you through guidance and our services. You may never hire our services if you follow these basics of ORM:

Always Respect Your Customers
When it comes to giving high priority to customer satisfaction, there’s one motto that everyone should know: “Customer is always right.” You need to understand that your customer has power in their opinion, especially when they share it on blogs, social networking sites, and forums. Therefore, always be respectful to your customers as their one negative feedback may inflict a lot of damage to your business.

Always Interact With Your Customers
If someone asks you a question or gives feedback via social networking sites and forums, always respond within 24 hours. It sends a strong message that you care about your customers and their feedback.

Never Ignore Negative Comments
This is probably one of the main reasons why a lot of businesses lose their credibility and even respect. They notice negative feedback and ignore it just because they think it will go unnoticed. Instead, an unanswered negative review implies that you don’t accept your mistake. Negative comments can be really useful in finding the weak points of your business, so don’t ignore them.

Apologize and Be Polite
If your customer is not satisfied with your services, be polite to them and acknowledge your mistake without making any excuses.

Let Us Help You Earn Back Your Brand’s Reputation

A small business like yours cannot survive for too long with a negative online reputation. We have been helping small businesses for many years now and we’re confident to repair your reputation, remove negative comments, and boost your brand’s visibility.

If you have leads that turned cold a long time ago, we can turn them into sales. If you want to repair the online reputation of your business and increase sales, we can do it through our SEO services. All the services we provide are interconnected in one way or another. Contact us now for affordable online reputation management services.